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How MICROMAG works

The patent-pending Micromag comprises: hard-wearing clear filter body, anodised aluminium lid,high intensity magnetic core. The magnetic core incorporates neodymium iron boron magnetic material that generates extremely high-intensity magnetic fields.

Fluid enters the housing via the inlet port and is evenly distributed around the underside of the aluminium lid via radial tapered flow channels. The fluid to pass down the outside of the magnetic core where magnetic particles are attracted by the high intensity magnetic field. The fluid then passes through four return slots at the bottom of the core, up through the central return tube and out of the outlet port.

The centrally positioned magnetic core utilises a patent-pending geometric magnetic circuit. Magnets are arranged around a central magnetic flux return shield to ensure that all of the magnets' performance is used whilst still allowing unaffected fluid flow even when the core is fully saturated with contamination.

The 10" bodied Micromag core can hold 2kgs of contamination before the unit requires cleaning. This allows for extended operating time and minimises downtime. Where contamination generation is high the 20",which is capable of holding 4.5kgs, Micromag should be used. Where loading is extreme and machine operation is critical Micromags can be installed on a duplex set up.

The clear filter housing gives the operator a visual indication of when the unit requires cleaning. Cleaning is very simple and is done using the supplied cleaning tool. The units can be fully cleaned and back on line within one minute.

The Micromag range is available in Toronto through Ontario Magnet. Other accessories available to complement the range are housing spanners, lid mounting brackets, Viton seals & spare magnetic cores.

Magnetic filters remove ferrous and nonferrous contamination

Magnetic filters equipped with powerful magnets, effectively filter and remove ferrous and nonferrous contamination in hydraulic fluid, fuel, gas, air, oil, coolant, process/effluent water and amine.

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