Magnetic Filtration

Magnetic filtration our way.

Magnetic filtration is used to remove ferrous or para-magnetic contamination from fluids. The unit is especially effective with machine tool oils and coolants.

Re-circulating magnetic particles in any machine tool especially precision grinding applications has many negative effects:

  • Pump, slide way and hydraulic seals wear prematurely
  • Oil and coolant life is massively reduced by bacterial growth, which can be associated with foreign bodies such as metallic particles. In some cases this stops the fluids from performing their critical tasks of cooling and lubricating at the cutting face.
  • Surface finish and component accuracy can also be affected. Cutting wheels need to be to redressed more often, resulting in higher operating costs and reduced profit.

Many state of the art machine tools are still being supplied with sub-standard cheap-fix filtration systems which sometimes are no better than expensive strainers.

Ontario Magnet’s high magnetic forces can attract even sub-micron sized particles, ensuring that even the dirtiest of fluids are thoroughly treated prior to use.

Ontario Magnet’s system is available in three housing sizes 5" & 10" with 1" inlet / outlet ports and a 20" unit with 1" ports.

Benefits over conventional filtration

  • Sub-micron filtration efficiency: if the particle is magnetic Micromag will remove it
  • No loss of fluid – no oil sodden cartridges to dispose of
  • No pressure drop even when fully loaded with contamination
  • No consumables required, ever! Once purchased the unit does not require ongoing spending. Operating costs are minimal
  • No maintenance required – only operator intervention to clean
  • Reduced environmental impact: all you are left with is metallic material which can be collected by your material supplier
  • Capable of removing abrasives and non-magnetic material by means of heterocoagulation
  • Reduce machine downtime, increased productivity
  • Visual inspection of fluid being filtered

Before you consider spending thousands of dollars on your next filtration system, consider OntarioMagnet’s Magnetic Filter Solutions.

Magnetic filters remove ferrous and nonferrous contamination

Magnetic filters equipped with powerful magnets, effectively filter and remove ferrous and nonferrous contamination in hydraulic fluid, fuel, gas, air, oil, coolant, process/effluent water and amine.

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