PF 10 series filters

The PF-10 series filters utilized a 3rd party filter vessel for the most part. These vessels came complete to Puroflux with all internals which were typically ABS or polycarbonate. Some might consider these materials inferior to the S80 PVC internals we use on our fabricated stainless and carbon steel units. Furthermore, those internals provided with the fiberglass vessel were not capable of maintaining the finer media offerings. 10-micron media was the low limit. Just the same, with a small understanding of filtration principles you will realize decent removal results for fractional micron particles. In any case; to utilize the finer media offerings (5 and 0.5 microns) you must upgrade to the PF-20, PF-30, or PF-40 series on open applications.

Lastly, a 36” vessel is designed for 140 GPM side stream applications based on 20 GPM / ft2 flux. For applications such as full flow or single pass; we recommend a slower flux to optimize filtration media capabilities. This slower flux can be anywhere from 10 GPM to 5 GPM / ft2 flux. In essence a filter vessel two to four times larger.

Puroflux Filter Media Guide


Indexing Filter/Flatbed Filter Media.

30% increased flow over poly based medias.

Standard widths, 18”, 27”, 39”, 51”, 60”, 70” 96”, custom widths available.

Standard roll lengths, 200, 250 & 500 yards, Standard micron , 5, 8, 12, 16, 20 ,25, max = 200 microns, weight oz/sq.yd, 0.7, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0.

Sweeper Packages PF 20 & 30

pf-20Typical Sweeper Piping Installation for Open Cooling Towers

Sweeper Packages PF-64 Series

pf-60Typical Open Tower Sweeper Piping Installation

Dual Point Pressure Gauges

.5 micron Stainless Steel Filter Package with SS Wedge Wire Laterals

SS PF 20 Pkg 003

Cooling Tower Filtration Package Manulife Centre (Toronto, Ontario)

IBM Data Centre Barrie

Magnetic filters remove ferrous and nonferrous contamination

Magnetic filters equipped with powerful magnets, effectively filter and remove ferrous and nonferrous contamination in hydraulic fluid, fuel, gas, air, oil, coolant, process/effluent water and amine.

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